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Goblin Frontier is an open-ended adventure RPG game which focuses on exploration, base building, and survival in the harsh wilderness of a mysterious land. The game seeks to bring together the excitement of adventure games such as the Legend of Zelda with the satisfaction and reward that can be felt in Harvest Moon games or Stardew Valley when you create a homestead out of a once overgrown and wild piece of land. 

The game will allow for houses and farms to be built by the player, these can even become home for both animals and NPC’s alike. Crops will need to be planted and harvested if one expects to survive on the Frontier.

I also plan on making it fully playable cooperatively with a friend on the same machine so you don’t have to adventure alone!

The game features procedurally generated terrain so that you will always have a chance to experience something new and discover interesting locations. The frontier will be full of unique, handcrafted places and you will never know what lies around the corner!

Follow along with the devlog (https://www.goblinfrontier.com) and help me shape the future of this game!

You can also follow @AdventureByte on twitter and instagram for updates! 

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